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League of Women Voters of

Northwest Maricopa County
May 2018

From the President's Desk We had our Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 21st at the Briarwood Country Club in Sun City West. As usual, we had delicious food, an excellent speaker, and plenty of time to talk with other members. More than 30 members and guests attended. Michelle Dorsey, President of the LWV/MP, gave us a compelling speech on her attendance at the recent UN Conference on Climate Change. We honored two members of the LWV/NWMC at this meeting. First, we gave Lois Brechner a pin and an engraved crystal to celebrate her 50 years as a League member. To see what she has done over her 50 years as a League member, read page three. Then, we gave Linda Vitale our annual You Make A Difference Award for her accomplishments as a member of our League during the past year. I want to thank members who made this meeting work: Martha Thompson, who made lunch and other arrangements with the club; Jeana Petersen, whose membership makes our attendance there possible; Michelle Dorsey, our guest speaker; Susan Penner, Carol Mattoon, and John Kohl, who worked on Linda's award. I hope I didn't forget anyone!! See the write-up on Linda on page three. Because so many of our members have fled the heat and gone back to where it's at least a bit cooler, we will not have meetings this summer. I'm going to be in California and/or Oregon from about June 17th to about July 17th. Before I go, I'm working on the Meetings for the next League year. We have scheduled the dates but some of the topics and some of the times of day have not been completely nailed down. Write the following dates on your calendars NOW!! More information will follow in August/September. Location: UU Church except for the Kick-Off Breakfast on October 13th. . Thursday, September 27th: Forum on the Ballot Propositions at 5:30 p.m. Saturday, October 13th: Kick-Off Breakfast and League Information at 9:30 a.m. Thursday, October 25th: Kick-Off Evening Event and League Information at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, November 13th: Talk on the Status of Women in the world, 6:00 p.m. Thursday, November 29th: Discussion: How Women Fared in the Election of 2018, 5:30 p.m. The Holiday Party in December needs a host/hostess -- please let me know if you can. Have a great summer. Come back and attend as many meetings during the League Year of 2018-2019 as you can. If you have paid your dues, thanks. If you have not paid your dues, please do so as soon as you can. I'm going to send out 2nd Notices to those who have not yet paid.


Lois Brechner Celebrates 50 Years in the League of Women Voters, 2018 Eager to engage in non-partisan politics and interested in the women's liberation movement, Lois joined the League of Women Voters of New Rochelle, NY, in 1968. Her many activities in that League included writing articles, working on study and action committees, and serving as Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and President. When Lois moved to Arizona from New York State in 1999, one of her first priorities was to look for a League of Women Voters in the West Valley. When she found the League of Women Voters of Northwest Maricopa County, she joined immediately. Within a year, she was elected Secretary!. Beginning in 2003, she served as President for a two-year term. In addition, she has compiled budgets, facilitated the local consensus on the national issue of immigration, moderated candidates forums for the City of Surprise, registered voters at public venues, led program planning discussions as Program V.P., engaged speakers on many subjects, helped to plan meetings on Impartial Courts and Civil Liberties, recruited a substantial number of new members as Membership Chair, worked on the Civics Education Action Committee, led the Instant-Runoff-Voting in-Surprise Action Committee, and served as a local delegate to more than one state Convention. After writing a proposal to the LWV/US and receiving a grant of $6,100 for the LWV/AZEdFund, Lois served as the Chair of the LWV/AZ Action Committee on Impartial Courts. In that capacity, she engaged speakers, arranged meetings, wrote an excellent article for the National VOTER, and lobbied the state legislature to insure that our Merit Selection of Judges Process remains intact. Lois also served in several other capacities on the Board of the LWV/AZ. She chaired the LWV/US Immigration Study Committee, the Legislative Action Committee, and the study committee on the Reorganization of the Arizona Executive Branch. She arranged for our LWV/AZ Action Website to be built and sustained. Lois served as the 2nd Vice President of the LWV/AZ, during which time she traveled to several local Leagues to assist them in their program planning and membership recruitment. Some of the adjectives that have been used to describe Lois include level- headed (my favorite), ambitious, flexible, independent-minded, responsible, persistent, understanding of mistakes, and open to new ideas and challenges. Lois, we value your participation in our League and we hope you will be available for wise consultation with us in the future! We give you this pin and this crystal to honor your 50 years in the League of Women Voters.

Linda Vitale

YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE AWARD Linda is a dynamo, a go-getter who gets things done. Linda was an integral part of the success of the statewide LWV Voters' Rights Summit. She was one of the initial team that started working on it in June 2016 and continued for the next 7 months until the event on January 7, 2017. She devoted hundreds of hours, skill, and much brain power and energy to make it happen. She helped determine the topics to be covered, secured three speakers, and helped with our writing needs. Linda did not have to be asked to do something, she volunteered. You did not need to worry whether she would follow through; it was done immediately. The Summit was held at ASU-New College West in Glendale. Linda became our liaison with them taking care of all the details associated with putting on a large, statewide event. One of the stumbling blocks of having the Summit at ASU was that we had to use their catering service, which was very expensive. Our goal was to keep the price at $20 so that people could afford to attend, no small task. However, Linda worked with them endlessly, negotiating pricing for a continental breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack for $20! Unbelievable. She also worked with them on securing 7 classrooms for our "Action" breakout sessions. Since she is a volunteer for AARP, she was able to get them to be a $500 co- sponsor. She secured the help of her husband who works at a local radio station to create a terrific 30-second PSA which aired on his radio station daily for about the last two weeks leading up to the Summit. They also distributed to local radio stations, which ended up with her being asked to be a guest on KFNX-1480 AM Radio for a 25-minute live interview! She is smart, talented, resourceful, reliable, and a joy to work with. She may be little in stature, but huge in commitment and follow through. The League of Women Voters of Northwest Maricopa County can be very proud to have Linda as a member and a face of the League in our community. She definitely "Made a Difference" in our local League and across the state by sharing her talents to help develop and carry off such a dynamic event.


Elected Officers President: Bonnie Saunders (2017-2019) 1st V.P. Kathleen Long (2018-2019) 2nd V.P. & Newsletter Editor Jim Dobbins (2018-2020) Secretary: Martha Thompson (2018-2020) Treasurer: Judy Dreskin (2017-2019)

Elected Directors Eduction: Isabel Fastiggi (2018-2020) Health Care: Linda Napier (2018-2020) Membership: Judy Moor (2017-2019) At Large: Carol Mattoon (2017-2019)

Also Elected + One year terms. Nominating Committee Chair: Bonnie Boyce-Wilson Nominating Committee Member: Lois Brechner

Appointed Directors + One year terms, can reappoint. Civic Engagement: Barbara Knutson Co-Voter Service & Liaison to LWV/AZ: Susan Penner

Off-Board Chairs + One year terms, can reappoint. Co-Voter Service: Lynne Leonard Public Relations: Jacquie Rose Events/Hospitality: Martha Thompson Environment: Darnell Kirksey Membership Directory Lynn Leonard Historian: Isabel Fastiggi Website and Social Media: Diane Smith At Large: Becky Sayler