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Action Agenda 2011-2012

LWV/AZ State Agenda



ARIZONA ELECTION LAW Consensus 1972; revised 1973, 1991; reviewed 1995, amended 2009

The League of Women Voters of Arizona supports an accessible system of registration and election, with uniform and standardized procedures throughout the state. Therefore, the League supports:

  • Mail-in registration procedures, but opposes election day registration at the polls as an invitation to fraud.
  • Increase in pay for legislators.
  • Four-year terms for State Legislators, with no limit on the number of terms which they may serve,
  • An income tax check-off to provide partial funding of legislative elections through the subsidy of some television time for issue discussion by ballot qualified candidates.
  • A requirement for complete financial disclosure by candidates for public office.
  • A cap on gifts to public officials, and reporting of all gifts.
  • Prohibiting elected officials lobbying for remuneration of any kind for at least one year after leaving office.
  • Prohibiting election officials from using surplus campaign funds for personal use, or from taking them along when leaving office.
  • All government agencies being required to report all their lobbying activities, expenditures and gifts to public officials.
  • The monitoring of vote counting in state and local elections.


Consensus 2005; Amended 2008, Amended 2011

The League of Women Voters of Arizona believes in the election system principle of greater vote representation. The LWVAZ maintains that election system reform that provides a stronger voice for the greatest number of voters should have a positive effect on voter participation. Therefore, the LWVAZ:

  • Supports changing the present election systems so that they more accurately represent the wishes of voters: Adopting the Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) system for single seat races; Adopting proportional representation for multi-seat races, specifically Ranked Choice Voting.
  • Believes that education of the voting public is important to election systems.
  • Supports giving Arizona voters the option of more choice among election systems.